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Ever since our establishment, Tokio Marine Newa Insurance has been dedicated to “Service Differentiation” by continuously developing innovative products and caring services to exceed customers’ expectation. By conducting in-depth surveys for consumers’ demands, practical, in-need, original and unique services have been released to the market as an irreplaceable service value to our customers.

In order to fulfill customers’ requirements and to enhance sales and claims services, Tokio Marine Newa Insurance has come up with numerous unique services all these years, such as “Remote Quoting Teleconferencing System” in 1999 as a revolutionary claim quote model by shortening the operation process of 1-2 days to a 8 minutes, and “Motor Insurance B2B System” in 2001 for dealers as an improvement on cooperation with our distribution channels. The five service standards introduced in 2005, especially “Arrival at Accident Scenes within 30 minutes” took the whole motor insurance industry to a new era. While in 2012, “The Second Generation Remote Quote Teleconferencing System” has been improved with cloud technology and mobile devices for a broadened application as an exclusive service. The diversity of service differentiation has not only enhanced the company’s internal operational efficiency, but also revised to more convenient and relieved service for the customers.

In order to facilitate our commitment of “Always Stand By”, Tokio Marine Newa Insurance has dedicated to professional and caring differentiated services for business development, complete complaint procedure for consumers’ interests and after-sale services, 24hr 0800 Customer Service Centre for customers’ satisfaction as well as professional and timely services to maintain good customer relationship. Every single service is our important commitment and quality assurance to our valuable customers.