Accident Insurance

1.Personal Accident Insurance: Along with the changes of the social environment, the possibility of accident occurrence seems to increase. According to the statistics by Ministry of Health and Welfare, Accident Death has been one of the top ten death causes, whereas the injuries resulted from accidents are also numerous, hence the consequent medical expenses or income loss may affect the life of the victims and the families even worse.
Tokio Marine Newa Insurance now offers Individual Accident Insurance to fulfill the demand for low cost yet complete coverage as a perfect risk management that will compensate you with the loss.
2.Group Personal Accident Insurance: The Group Personal Insurance Policy is the best tool to protect employees’ welfare, improve industrial relations and corporate image, and minimize corporate operational risks. Moreover, such Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy may make up the shortfalls of National Labor and Health Insurances and secure for more medical cares and easy claims.
Tokio Marine Newa Insurance offers enterprise owners Group Personal Accident Insurance as a perfect risk management that will relieve you from the risk.