Personal Goods

    • Compulsory Motor Liability Insurance
    • Compulsory Motor Liability Insurance refers to the policy that when a passenger or a third party outside the vehicle suffers injury or death as the re...
    • Voluntary Motor Insurance
    • Physical Damage Insurance: One may claim insurance benefits from an insurance company in case of physical damages as the result of a traffic accident.
    • Motorcycle Insurance
    • Theft Insurance: One may claim insurance benefits from an insurance company in case of loss or damages as the result of motorcycle theft.
    • Accident Insurance
    • Personal Accident Insurance: Along with the changes of the social environment, the possibility of accident occurrence seems to increase. According to ...
    • Health Insurance
    • First-time Cancer Diagnosis Health Insurance: One-time claims helps to avoid the complicated process of collecting receipts for every single medical t...
    • Travel Accident Insurance
    • This insurance policy is designed especially for the claims of death, disablement and medical fares resulted from possible accidents of the insured oc...
    • Residential Fire Insurance and Earthquake Insurance
    • This insurance is applicable for residential real property only.

Corporate Goods

    • Commercial Fire Insurance
    • Fire Insurance: Fire accidents are never rare to see in the newspapers or on News. Commercial Fire Insurance coverage may help a claimant in case of l...
    • Marine insurance
    • Marine Cargo Insurance: Marine Cargo Insurance is the eldest insurance. It formed in Medieval Europe, traders guaranteed to deliver goods safely. Now...
    • Trade Credit Insurance
    • Trade Credit has become a relatively important concern for the buyers along with the increasingly competitive business environment. Our insurance poli...