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Employee Welfare


Since employees are the most valuable assets to the corporate, Tokio Marine Newa Insurance has facilitated a comprehensive system for recruitment, job rotation, training for promotion, performance evaluation, promotion system and salary welfare in order to enhance the employees’ educational and professional development as well as service quality. Meanwhile, care for employees and their families have strongly strengthened employees’ belongingness and loyalty, whereas comfortable working place has also helped employees’ working efficiency, and finally by taking all the employees as family members makes the entire company a big warm family.

In the aspect of to learn is to invest, Tokio Marine Newa Insurance aims to improve employees’ core competency by enhancing their professional ability and competitiveness. To achieve our vision and business goals, seven perspectives, “Annual Planning for Human Resource, Job Rotation Arrangement, Progressive Course Program, Training for Internal Lecturers, Diversified Knowledge Database, Combination of Audit Mechanism and Organizational Goal, Adjustment of Promotion and Salary System” are to be continuously achieved for a effective leaning environment.

Moreover, there are lots of activities for employees participations, including Family Day on an annual basis for a more solid family affection, traveling funds to encourage employees to travel around to release their pressure from work, year-end parties and sports games for employees’ interactions and teamwork as well as all kinds of activity societies for leisure hobbies.

Tokio Marine Newa Insurance has provided a complete and professional HR Training System to enhance the company’s competitiveness as well as employees’ physical and mental health, so that all of the employees can work happily to their duty in such a comfortable workplace.