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Tokio Marine Newa Insurance continues to reinforce the company management with the concepts of sustainability development and the principles such as “Perfect Management Structure”, “Enhancement of Directors and Supervisors Professional Competency”, “Facilitation of Risk Management”, “ Compliance of Laws and Regulations”, “Protection of Stakeholders’ Interests”,“ Information Transparency” and “ Disciplined Internal Auditing System”.

The top management is the Board of Directors, in which more than half of the directors are with years of experience as senior directors in property insurance industry; while most of the directors and supervisors are experts in the fields of corporate management and financial management. Such a professional management team is crucial when making operational decisions and risk management to steer the overall company management. Moreover, Risk Management Committee has been established under the Board of Directors to execute independent risk management policy and to make sure that capital is sufficient for liquidity and for a healthy business management.

There are regulator compliance personnels in every department and regular meetings are held by regulation compliance directors to review the updated performance of every department. There is also a regulation compliance section in the company’s internal website for training and reviews of the relevant operational systems in case of the regulation changes.

In order to protect all stakeholders’ interests, Tokio Marine Newa Insurance promptly declares business and financial information based on the principle of information transparency. We also interactively correspond to stakeholders’ requests through Board of Shareholders, Board of Directors, 0800 Customer Service Hotline, Customer Service Mailbox, Customer Service Representatives, and educational trainings.

To comply with “Implementation Rules for Internal Control and Internal Audit System for Insurance Industry”, Tokio Marine Newa Insurance has established a internal control and internal auditing system and an independently operated Audit Office under the Board of Directors to be in charge of auditing and assessment on business activities and operations to ensure that the practice of top management fulfilled their responsibilities. Moreover, Tokio Marine Newa Insurance also launched “Audit Analysis Software” to improve auditing efficiency and quality as well as timeliness for better internal control system.